New York Health Act

Interfaith Impact of New York State is an organization of congregations, clergy and lay leaders across the state working for the common good through progressive religious advocacy. We believe that quality health care is a human right.

We strongly support the New York Health Act, which would create a universal single-payer health plan – New York Health – to provide comprehensive health coverage guaranteed to all New Yorkers. We believe this bill answers the questions about medical coverage, financing, and universal accessibility that have been obstacles in the past. It is now up to the Legislature and the Governor to make this great benefit available to all New Yorkers.

Our common faith traditions agree on the worth and dignity of every individual, and the New York State Constitution makes it clear that people should not be treated as a commodity. Universal access to quality health care needs to be approached as a fundamental right, not a luxury. As a society, we should not market health care services as though they were something to be purchased like shoes or flower pots. None of us can choose when we need heart bypass surgery, diabetes treatment or radiation therapy. Preventive and remedial health care services, available to all, are essential to the well-being of society.

A quality universal single-payer health plan will help all New Yorkers flourish. It will also give a major boost to business that are burdened with ever increasing premium costs.

On behalf of our member congregations, clergy and individuals of faith across this great state, we call on our elected officials and health care providers to make universal access to health care a reality by voting for the New York Health Act. We hope that as you struggle with the moral and financial questions posed by providing access to health care coverage, you will continue to hear a call to compassion, that clear voice of truth that lies at the heart of all the world’s sacred teachings.

If we and you have the courage to answer, then together, we can create a health care system that delivers for all the people of New York State.