by Connie Valk, Rural Migrant Ministry Board Member

The Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act, legislation which will bring equal labor rights and protections to farmworkers across the state of New York, will be reintroduced in the NYS Legislature in 2019.  The legislation will be introduced to a newly elected state legislature, specifically to a new state senate which will be overwhelmingly Democrat. The Justice for Farmworkers (JFW) Campaign is optimistic that this will be the year this bill will finally make its way to the Senate floor for a vote.  Be on the lookout for information Farmworker Rights Town Halls taking place in early February across the state, one of which will take place in the Rochester area, and will feature experts on labor and farmworker issues as well as stories straight from the fields from farmworkers themselves. For more information on the campaign, please contact Jose Chapa, JFW Legislative Campaign Coordinator, at